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Who is smarter an imbecile or an idiot?

"Imbecile" and "idiot" both have French origins. Comparing the meaning of the words' roots provides the answer. "Imbécille", from Old French, implies the stupidity of th (MORE)
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What is an imbecile?

A term for idiot widely used in the British islands and Europe, not too common in North America and the U.S. An idiot, or a extremely dumb person.
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The imbecile test question for continue?

When you get to the continue question click on continue and then when it says you fail loser, in the top left corner it will say continue. click on that and congatulations you (MORE)
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What does it mean if your an imbecile?

it means go back to school you absolute retard - actually, im 13 and i do go to school, my friend dannii called my other friend one and she wanted to know what it means :)
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How do you do the imbecile test?

1 blue 2 red, green, blue 3 america,music,letter 4 anywere(hit anywere!) 5 sky 6 top right 7 none 8 press white then hit the red house 9 parallel 10 10 11 red yellow green blu (MORE)
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What does imbecility mean?

according to the Webster dictionary, n. a stupid or foolish person. adj. stupid or foolish.( first written down in 1949 and spelled imbecille meaning feeble from Latin imbecil (MORE)
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How do you do the bonus questions in the imbecile test?

you have to answer all the questions then it says continue press it then it says you fail in the top left hand corner it says continue in small press then you have won then it (MORE)