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Why was the game Marco Polo named after Marco Polo the explorer?

Many people thought Polo's explorations would yield nothing, and just be a wild goose chase. Therefore, the game where you blindly stumble along (sailed) in an area of water ( (MORE)

What are the contribution of Marcos?

Marco Polo and his father were some of the first Europeans to make  a detailed account of the cities, cultures, and technology of the  places they went within the Far East. (MORE)

Is Imelda Marcos still living and where?

  Mrs.Marcos is currently residing on the 34th floor of the Pacific Plaza condominium in Makati, the Philippines business capital. She owns the whole floor with a big priv (MORE)

What is Marco virus?

  Marco Viruses are viruses that are 'embedded' in word documents , spreadsheets, etc. Unlike normal viruses they don't copy themselves into/onto various files in your com (MORE)

What is an Imelda fish?

Aristichthys nobilis or bighead carp. It is a freshwater fish, one of several Asian carps. It has a large, scaleless head, a large mouth, and eyes located very low on the he (MORE)

Human habitat and civilization speech by former president imelda Marcos?

My countrymen, it is with great humility, hesitancy, and awe that I accept your draft to be the governor of Metropolitan Manila. The problems of Metro Manila are many and of (MORE)
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Who was Ferdinand Marcos?

Ferdinand Marcos was a strongman who was president of the  Philippines from 1965 to 1986.