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Who was Imhotep in Ancient Egypt?

imhotep was king djosers chief advisor. he built the first step pyramid for king djosers tomb. . imhotep was king djosers chief advisor. he built the first step pyramid for ( Full Answer )
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Who is Imhotep?

He was the world's first named architect who built Egypt's first pyramid, is often recognized as the world's first doctor, a priest,. scribe, sage, poet, astrologer, and a viz ( Full Answer )
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Did imhotep have a wife?

Imhotep was an Egyptian who worked closely with the pharaoh Djoser.There is no information on whether he had a wife or not.
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What did Imhotep achieve?

Well it's kind of hard to say but he was renowned for his knowledge of medicine around 2650 B.C.
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Where did imhotep study?

They did not have schools in Ancient Egypt. The future ruler would have been taught by private tutors and his parents.
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Why didn't Ancksunamun help Imhotep?

cause Ancksunamun is Imhotep's girlfriend they are lovers and she wanted to ill the farao! and be te queen
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Why was Imhotep important?

He was the inventor of the first pyramids, and the first person to make structures out of cut stone.
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Who is osiris imhotep?

Osiris Imhotep is a Film Maker and Playwright. He has written over21 screenplays and 3 Plays. Has produced music sound tracks and haswritten several books and is from Mount Ve ( Full Answer )
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What did Imhotep contribute to Egyptian architecture?

Imhotep is credited as being the master architect responsible for building Pharaoh Djoser's "Step Pyramid" complex at Saggara, and is suspected of also building Sekhemkhet's u ( Full Answer )
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What is Imhotep god of?

Imhotep was the Egyptian god of Healing and Medicine. In his lifetime he was physician to the Pharaoh.