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How does imipramine work in kidney related problems?

Answer . Imipramine has been used for a number of years for thr treatment of bedwetting in patients over the age of 6, though the primary indication is for use as an antide (MORE)
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Can you mix Adderall and imipramine?

Yes. Both can be used for the treatment of adhd. Some doctors prefer to combine both medications as one causes hunger (imipramine) and the other (adderall) is an appetite supp (MORE)
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Can you take cold medicine with imipramine?

THEORETICALLY, Yes. Yes you can. You can Take a combination of 2 things, if you choose to. Now, "Is it medically wise to do so?" Is a whole separate question. And the (MORE)
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Is it okay to take imipramine as well as allegra-d?

I wouldn't recommend it. I wouldn't mix any medicine. If you are on an antihistamine, it isn't safe to take another without a doctors approval. It could cause a chemical react (MORE)