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What does immanent mean?

On its own, immanent means existing, or operating, within; inherent The term ' the immanent ' means an experience of the presence of God in the universe.

What is immAnence of death?

When life continues "as if" it were going to happen "as normal", in other words, for another day as expected, but then out of nowhere... ...something happens. Perhaps it is s (MORE)

What is an immanent religion?

You may need to clarify your question. Generally speaking Christian theologians differentiate between the opposite concepts of "immanence" and "transcendence" which serve as o (MORE)

Is God immanent in Genesis?

In modern belief, God is immanent - he is omnipresent and pervades the whole universe. But that was not the case for the authors of the Book of Genesis. The Yahwist Source, on (MORE)

What is the balance between transcendent and immanent dimensions?

Well.... Immanent is where a spiritual belief is on earth or within earth. Transcendant is where spiritual belief is out of this world. For example: the balance of Christianit (MORE)