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Sloane piano raise your voice?

When Hillary Duff is coming into the room Sloan is playing Brams- hungarian dance #5. When Sloan VS Kiwi- she's playing beethoven's tempest sonata 31
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What are some good songs that have piano in them?

Some good songs with piano in them are;Clocks by ColdplayA Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carltonall of the songs by The Fray That was a great answer but I would like to add someth (MORE)

An Die Musik for voice and piano?

Franz Schubert composed his lied "An die Musik" (German for "To Music") in March 1817 for solo voice and piano, with text from a poem by his friend Franz von Schober. In theDe (MORE)

What is the answer to 20c plus 5 equals 5c plus 65?

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How do you simplify a song on the piano?

If a music score shows a lot of chords and you are trying to  simplify it, you can take the melody and drop all the other  unimportant notes within the chord unless you thin (MORE)