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Good songs for piano?

If you're looking for songs with piano only, I would definitely check out Yiruma. If it's too challenging, try listening to it, it's very nice. Also try Ludovico Einaudi, "The (MORE)
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What are some sad songs on the piano?

songs like La Valse D'amelie by Yann Teirsenit is a really sad song in my opinion...or if your looking for something a bit different you can try Saddness and sorrow from the a (MORE)

What are the piano notes for the song No Beef?

b8 b b c16 b8 b d8 e8 b8 b b c16 b8 b b8 b JUST THAT!  the 8 means it is 8 keys after de major key, and 16 means 16 keys after the major key! That simple just fit the notes (MORE)
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Sloane piano raise your voice?

When Hillary Duff is coming into the room Sloan is playing Brams- hungarian dance #5. When Sloan VS Kiwi- she's playing beethoven's tempest sonata 31
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What grade is fantasie impromptu op 66 for piano?

it's diploma level, one step below concert pianist.... though many players below grade 8 play it most play it badly... if you play it how it should be played, its diploma, als (MORE)

How do you play saria's song on piano?


Polonaise-fantasy for piano A flat major Op 53?

I'm not sure what the question is, but I will try to guess what you mean:    The Polonaise in A-flat Major Opus 53 is one of Chopin's most famous works. Notice that it' (MORE)

An Die Musik for voice and piano?

Franz Schubert composed his lied "An die Musik" (German for "To Music") in March 1817 for solo voice and piano, with text from a poem by his friend Franz von Schober. In theDe (MORE)

How do you record you voice over a song?

it isn't that hard all you do is type in the song name with lyrics then go to the song you what get a recorder and you turn the music down look at the lyrics and sing them a (MORE)

What was the first piano song written?

The first reliable mention of the earliest piano (or fortepiano, or arpicembalo as the inventor preferred to call it) was in 1700, in an inventory of the Medici. The piano was (MORE)