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What is an immersion program?

Immersion is how we learn as infants. We are literally immersed into a thing and thereby learn very rapidly. In psychology invoice immersion brings about rapid lasting change (MORE)

What is community immersion?

Community immersion is a version of service learning that is more integrated with a student's passions and interests, is longer-term and is related to the on-going development (MORE)

What happens if no immersion oil is used with the oil immersion lens?

Immersion oil is only required when using a light manuscript at 1000 times magnification (10x from occular lens and 100x from objective lens). At 1000x magnification the image (MORE)

What is the process of doing community immersion?

Community immersion is a form of service learning that is integrated with a student passions and interests. This form of learning is a long term learning process that has a re (MORE)

What is immersed?

Immersed means to become engrossed in something, such as a good book, or a field of study. It also means to go into a body of water, i.e., The swimmer became immersed in the l (MORE)

What is complete immersion?

Completely immerse implements in a properly mixed disinfecting solution for 10 minutes or per the manufacturer's directions. How to disinfect nonelectrical tools and equipme (MORE)
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What is immersed corrosion?

Immersed Corrosion refers to a type of metal corrosion when the  metal is immersed in a liquid.

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