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What are immigrants?

An i mmigrant is a person who enters into one countrywith the intention of settling there permanently. (emigrants arepeople who leave a country. The emigrants from one coun (MORE)

What is an immigrant?

An immigrant is someone who has immigrated from one place of originto another, such as a person living in Japan for 20 years and hasmoved to England, this person is called an (MORE)

How is an immigrant an immigrant?

There seem to be two definitions of the word, a loose conversational definition and then the formal United States use of the word. Conversationally, many people refer to someo (MORE)

Who can immigrate?

Anyone can Immigrate. You may need a visa though, to be able to beaccepted into the new country.For that you need some skills VisitSanctum Consulting and get assisted with the (MORE)

Why is there immigration?

It controls the movement of non-citizens in and out of a country. IT traditionally dispenses advice to immigrants on the rules and guidelines for legal admittance and residenc (MORE)