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What is immorality?

The word immorality is an uncountable, common, abstract noun ; a word for behavior that people think is morally wrong; the act of deliberately violating accepted principle ( Full Answer )
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Can a corporation be immoral why and why not?

Corporations are state granted entities that only serve to protect the ones who profit from it. The question of a corporations morality is generated by the person-hood granted ( Full Answer )
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Is crime immoral?

Criminal acts refer to a violation of the rights of other men bythe use of force. By society's standards, most crimes are immoral.
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Is sex immoral?

Sex is NOT inherently immoral. Of course there are things you should keep in mind: have safe sex, and don't betray a monogamous partner. But you should never feel guilty or ( Full Answer )
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What is immoral?

I think you're asking "What is Immoral?" If so, morals are rules a society as a whole chooses and agrees to live by, so anyone, anything, or practice, that breaks down that so ( Full Answer )
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What are the causes of immorality?

Answer:. Our sinful nature is the cause of immorality. Through Adam and Eve's sin against God, sin has entered the world. Therefore, we all are born with a sinful nature. But ( Full Answer )
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What are immoral deeds?

Opinion A deed can not become moral or immoral because we consider them so. It is beyond the way we feel some thing good or bad. A deed of moral has to pass that bill in th ( Full Answer )
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Can a hero be immoral?

An immoral hero/protagonist will be an anti hero or villain in a plot that serves a moral/social purpose. However if the plot relates to evil only then the evil protagonist to ( Full Answer )
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Why is advertising immoral?

Advertising creates needs or wants in a world where the basic human needs have not been met for most human beings.
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Did Noah have immorality?

If you mean the Noah from Noah's Ark, there is no record of Noah being immoral, and it is slightly doubtful, since God chose him above everyone else on Earth at the time as a ( Full Answer )