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Is it possible to develop an immunity to Salmonella?

Although one cannot be completely immune to salmonella, humans can  develop resistances against it. Whether you get sick or not from  eating foods infected with salmonella d (MORE)

What is in the immune system?

The immune system is a system that protects your body from invaders such as bacteria viruses flu and other things without this we would all of died a long time ago.
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How does an immunization weaken the immune system?

Actually, immunization makes a healthy immune system stronger for fighting the specific organism in the vaccine (or a very similar one). Side Note: There have been isolate (MORE)
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How can passive immunity develop?

Passive immunity occurs with the transfer of active humoral immunity of ready made antibodies, from person to person, from mother to child in utero.
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How do you develop immunity?

Answer . To develop immunity, you need to have had the initial infection so that you have memory cells, (B lymphocytes that have not been entirely destroyed and so act as mem (MORE)
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Is all immunity developed after birth?

When they're first born, a human infant actually has a full immune  system, but most of this system's immunity was supplied by the  mother during its time in the womb. After (MORE)

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