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What is impairment?

Impairment means someone is suffering from a state of weakness, oris performing less than normal. This could be due to an accident ordisease.
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What is goodwill impairment?

Answer - Goodwill impairment occurs when the value of the goodwill of a business unit declines to an amount less than the carrying value of the goodwill on the company's book ( Full Answer )
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What is asset impairment?

Asset impairment is a financial term. When the projected worth ofthe asset is less than its current worth, the asset is consideredto be impaired.
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What does impaired mean?

diminished in strength, quality, or utility. In simpler terms, that means there's something wrong with it and it isn't working well.
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What is Impaired Fertility?

Impaired Fertility is one the common cause of stress due to protein catabolismand excessive cortizol leve lsecretion.Lifestyle: like smoking Alcohol excessive ejaculation of f ( Full Answer )
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What is an impairment rating?

An Impairment rating is where specific guidelines are used by the physician who will determine what % of function of that body part has been lossed due to injury/condition etc ( Full Answer )
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Is fatigue an impairment?

of course . it robs your energy and so some of your drive, you arent able to do as much as when you are not fatigued. there are lots of reasons to be fatigued, as part of an i ( Full Answer )
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What is impairment of driving?

In relation to your judgement abilities. If your judgement to do something normally, but would do something different if it is by reasons of alcohol, medication or drugs whic ( Full Answer )
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What is impairment cost?

When assets are recorded a company's balance sheet, they are valued at historical cost (what was paid for the asset), less any accumulated depreciation or amortization if appl ( Full Answer )
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Can land be impaired?

Yes, if the land is devastated (i.e. earthquake result, and many more events happen) and it's believed that the value is probably not going to come back... Then It should prob ( Full Answer )