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What is the definition of imparts?

Imparts means "to give" and the term is generally used in a formal or legal sense. Example sentences: One share of stock imparts partial ownership in a corporation. Her leg (MORE)

A sentence for imparted?

my new car was imparted from Italy .. Imparted by the outline the professor handed out is his expectations of his students for this semester.
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Is this sentence grammatically correct Can the answer you impart?

"Can the answer you impart" is grammatical but it does not follow normal syntactical rules. It would be correct to say: "Can you impart the answer?" In English, you invert a s (MORE)

Why is the crusifiction so impartant to Chritians?

I think it is because christians believe that when Christ was crucified, he was paying for all of our sins so that we would not have to suffer for them. It is important to chr (MORE)