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Is this sentence grammatically correct Can the answer you impart?

"Can the answer you impart" is grammatical but it does not follow normal syntactical rules. It would be correct to say: "Can you impart the answer?" In English, you invert a s (MORE)

What does the disagreement between Achilles and Agamemnon impart about ancient Greek values?

The disagreement shows the value of Honor to the ancient Greeks. Agamemnon took away Briseis, Achilles's prize. A prize is given for bravery in battle and taking it away is li (MORE)

What strategies can e- commerce impart on economy?

e-commerce is the ability to buy/sell goods and services over the internet. there are three strategies e-commerce uses, that has had a very significant impact on the global e (MORE)

What are the Imparts of micro finance banks in Nigeria?

  micro finance bank in Nigeria has not been affecting peoples life in the time past due to the hectic and inviability of found to their disposal and government policy tha (MORE)

Why do alkali metals impart color in flame test?

  when alkali metals are exposed to flame test, the loosely bounde electrons which present in valency shell are excited to higher energy levels, after some time they will (MORE)
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Why do metals always impart their characteristic colors to a flame?

The defining characteristic of metals, in a chemical sense, is that they have between one and three valance electrons and they tend to lose electrons, as compared to non metal (MORE)

Why do dry sodium chloride and solutions of sodium nitrate and sodium chloride all impart the same color in a flame test?

Because the color is due to the sodium. All of them have sodium, all of them give the same color. Technically nitrogen, oxygen, and chlorine have spectral lines as well; it's (MORE)
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Why won't a very bright beam of red light impart more energy to an electron than a feeble beam of violet light?

Ok, so this goes back to the inverse relationship between wavelength and frequency ( energy). As wavelength increases , frequency decreases, the relationship between the two i (MORE)

Is bits pilani goa campus is a university recognised by ugcif yes is the degree imparted as mschonseconomics is equivalent to main economics?

BITS Pilani Goa Campus is not a university, but a campus of the main university BITS Pilani. UGC approves BITS Pilani to have it's own campuses with the same course structure, (MORE)