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Can you use impeccable in a sentence?

The impeccable performance of roger federer against rodick in 2007 Australian open semi-final won many hearts.
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What is a good sentence with the word impeccably?

You can't always turn an adjective into an adverb, which is what you're doing here. You can try: He remembered the information and recited it impeccably from his memory.
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What are the answers to the Impeccable Quiz?

from what i have gotten up to the answers are blue button red button,green button and blue button(where the green button was) globe,music,envelope tap anywhere rock(picture) t (MORE)
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What does impeccable logic mean?

When anything is impeccable , it means that no fault can be found in it - it is perfect. So impeccable logic is logic that is perfectly correct and valid and cannot be refu (MORE)
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Can you ever be impeccable?

No, not in onesself. Jesus died for mankind and for each individual person so that we could be free from the penalty of sin, although in the flesh, outside of positional right (MORE)
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Is impeccable a noun?

No, the word 'impeccable' is an adjective, a word to describe a noun as in accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless. For example: . impeccable manners . (MORE)
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What type of store is The Impeccable Pig?

The Impeccable Pig is an online store that offers a variety of women's clothing and accessories. They also have many locations all across the country.