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What is impedence?

Impedance is the measurement of resistance that a circuit gives tocurrent, which flows due to applied voltage. Impedance refers tothe ratio of voltage to current and applicabl (MORE)

What is impedance?

If you pretend that the signals in electric circuits are of the form A*exp(s*t), where A and s are constants, and t is time, then derivatives of the signal and integrations of (MORE)

How do you get input impedance and output impedance?

Look at "Different names for the two impedances Z1 and Z2": Scroll down to related links and look at "Calculation the damping of impedance bridging or power matching an inte (MORE)

What is the impedance?

Impedance is the complex form of resistance. Impedance takes into account capacitance and inductance in a circuit as well. Impedance can be represented as resistance as a func (MORE)

What is the impedence?

Never heard the word "impedence". To get all the audio voltage from a source to a target without loss you need voltage bridging, that is a relative low output impedance to a (MORE)

What is an impedance relay?

Impedance relays are used whenever over-current relays do not provide adequate protection. They function even if the short circuit current is relatively low. The speed of oper (MORE)
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What is impedances?

The official definition for the word impedance is " the effectiveresistance of an electric circuit or component to alternatingcurrent, arising from the combined effects of ohm (MORE)
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What is impedance-?

Impedance is the effective resistance of an electric current to thealternating current that arises from the combined effects of ohmicreactance and resistance.