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Why are the imperfect fungi imperfect?

Imperfect fungi are considered imperfect because they do not exhibit in any of its life cycle both means of reproduction - sexual and asexual reproduction. Their most common m (MORE)

What is imperfect market?

An imperfect market is one where information is not quicklydisclosed. The matching of buyers and sellers are not immediateeither.
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When do you use the imperfect?

Well you are Imperfect EVERYONE is Imperfect ... so what i am trying to say is don't say your perfect ... No one is so use that word when someone is trying to act (MORE)

What is an imperfect square?

Basically a perfect square is a number like 81 or 100. When these numbers are square rooted, they equal whole numbers like 9 or 10. An imperfect square is a number that when (MORE)
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Why is history imperfect?

History is so imperfect because people believe in different things. Some people will think a person could be a hero and others list things that consider him a villain. People (MORE)
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What are the lyrics to imperfection?

Imperfection You're worth so much It'll never be enough to see what you have to give How beautiful you are Yet seem so far from everything you're wanting to be Want (MORE)