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List the features of imperfect competition?

D.Sathish MBA., Important features of imperfect competition: 1. Existence of large number of firms: · The first important feature of monopolistic competition is that th (MORE)
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Is a rose a perfect or imperfect flower?

Basic Rose Facts: Roses are plants and the type of plant is called a flower. The flowers of rose plants have sepals, petals, stamens, and pistils. The rose flower is term (MORE)

What is imperfect market?

An imperfect market is one where information is not quickly  disclosed. The matching of buyers and sellers are not immediate  either.
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What are examples of imperfect fungi that serve humans?

Penicillium chrysogenum is a mold that is widely distributed in nature, and is often found living on foods and in indoor environments. It was previously known as Penicillium n (MORE)

What does imperfect asset substitutability assume?

Imperfect Asset substitutability assumes that returns from two assets in different countries differ in equilibrium. The main reason is risk, i.e. If bonds denominated in diffe (MORE)

What is an imperfect square?

Basically a perfect square is a number like 81 or 100. When these numbers are square rooted, they equal whole numbers like 9 or 10. An imperfect square is a number that when i (MORE)

Why does God use imperfect Christians to deliver the 'flawless' Bible to imperfect ears?

As the answer below me stated, humans are imperfect. but personally, and this is my opinion, its a testament to God's character. Everyone's got issues, I've been a believer al (MORE)
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What is Imperfect square root?

An imperfect Square root is an number that doesn't have a two numbers that will equal to it's amount. For Ex. 2x2=4, there is something that equals 4, but what times what is t (MORE)

Why did God make us imperfect?

From a Biblical standpoint: He did not make humans imperfect. After  creating humans he viewed them as "very good". (Genesis 1:31) Even  the angel that became the devil was (MORE)