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Is London sam college blacklisted now?

i heard that too . and that sure because they got B grade. last year 21 Jan 2010 London SAM was suspended for 4 months say about they came back in list by 29th of April 2010. (MORE)

Is London college of commerce a blacklisted college?

London College of Commerce is not BLACKLISTED! It has been suspended, following a routine check by the UKBA in July. The College authorities have responded to the ISSUES raise (MORE)

London college of fashion ranking in fashion?

London College of Fashion has a very respectable reputation in the fashion industry, and is recognized as being as having one of the more prestigious design programs in the wo (MORE)

Blacklisted colleges in London?

The UK does not blacklist colleges. They are either accredited or not    Other educations systems or authorities may do so.
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What is life at imperial college like?

You have to love studying. Then everything is perfect and amazing. Knowledgeable teachers and helpful students with whom you can share your interests. It is not hard, you just (MORE)

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