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What is an implicit paragraph?

Implicit means not actually stated. An implicit paragraph would be one where the author never actually writes out a formal topic or main idea sentence, but where he or she pla (MORE)

What is implicit differentiation?

implicit function/? an equation the function(x,y)=0. defines y implicitly as a function of x the domain of that implicitiy defines function consists of those x for which ther (MORE)

What is implicit favorite?

The implicit favorite becomes a comparison against which all other alternatives are judged. This might be fine, except that people unconsciously distort information to make th (MORE)
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What is implicit norms?

Implicit norms are informal and unwritten rules that have been identified as playing a significant role in the actions of group members.
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What is an Implicit rule?

Organized religion will attempt to rationalize Implicit Rule as a universally accepted construct that provides foundation for their perspectives. However, an "implicit rule" i (MORE)