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What does imploring mean?

Wiktionary gives a decent definition of 'implore'. Roughly, to implore means to beg, or plead. If there is a note of imploring in your voice, you're asking a question longingl (MORE)

Can you give me a sentence for implore?

The defending attorney implored the court to show mercy, but the jury found the defendant guilty and the judge imposed the maximum sentence under the law.
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Implored in a sentence?

Kind sir, I implore, please forgive my dog his aggressive behavior, he has never behaved this way before!Implore means to: request earnestly, to beg for, to entreat urgently (MORE)

What is another word for implore?

Beseech, call upon, beg, appeal to your humanity, request your (participation, consideration, action) in... etc. Implore has the same root as "explore", and it is usually a (MORE)