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What was the importance of bronze and iron important?

Answer . The biggest impact was militarily, in that these metals could make swords and spear points that could defeat wood and cloth armor and weapons. Bronze beats cloth ( Full Answer )
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What is an import?

An import is any good or service brought in from one country to another country for sale. This can be through many means of transportation for instance through a port, airport ( Full Answer )
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What was the importance of imports?

Imports are an important part of everyday life. Many countriesimport and export their goods on a regular basis. If countries didnot take part in this practice, they would be d ( Full Answer )
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What are the importance of importing?

import goods can get coutries 's resources that they cannot obtain in their own country ,and it aslo can promote economic exchange between the countries. come to - ( Full Answer )
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How was aerosmith important important to rock?

Performed/written songs that have been an influence to later acts. Large influence to many artists (Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, Poison, Ratt, Joan Jett)
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What are important landmarks in Thailand and why are the important?

Thailand is a great holiday destination with many places to visit. Famous for its historic landmarks, beaches, shrines and temples. Some of the famous are listed down. Vict ( Full Answer )
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Was the War of 1812 important or not important?

It was crucial to Canadians, whose country simply would never have existed had the United States won the war. It was the second US invasion of Canada, the first being the C ( Full Answer )
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Why is important recycling important?

Because, when you recycle you help save the Earth from pollution. So, Recycle Please!! Not for me!! For our home... Planet Earth! :)
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Why she is important?

Women are very important, because if they were not alive, then there would be no babies and all men would have to be gay.