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What is the conceptual definition of social impoverishment?

  basically,I would imply that Social empoversishment is nothing more than a condition of neverending,nonescapable way of life,way under the line of poverty,in which most (MORE)

When did the potato famine impoverish Ireland?

1845 - 1850 - - the worst year was 1847 The worst year of the potatoe famine was 1847 (known as Black 47). The potatoe crop had failed for back to back years compounding the c (MORE)

What is an impoverished person called?

An impoverished (poor) person might be called an itinerant (wanderer) or a derelict. Synonyms for the adjective impoverished include broke, destitute, bankrupt, homeless, indi (MORE)

What does the word impoverished mean?

It means poor, in a state of poverty. Synonyms can include destitute, bankrupt, broke, needy, or insolvent.
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Is Taiwan impoverished?

No, Taiwan cannot used the word "impoverished", this word is to describe the country so poor that has no food or hard to get basic needs! Taiwan is a advanced country! And l (MORE)