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What is the conceptual definition of social impoverishment?

basically,I would imply that Social empoversishment is nothing more than a condition of neverending,nonescapable way of life,way under the line of poverty,in which most third (MORE)

How do you become impoverished?

You might lose your job and can't afford the mortgage and then lose your house. In the USA it is tough if you don't have a job because you don't have health care and that's a (MORE)
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Is Taiwan impoverished?

No, Taiwan cannot used the word "impoverished", this word is to describe the country so poor that has no food or hard to get basic needs! Taiwan is a advanced country! And (MORE)
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Is impoverish a verb?

Yes the word "impoverish" is a verb. It means to reduce something to poverty. For example, a country can be impoverished by war.