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What is the most difficult Chopin impromptu?

Chopin Impromptu #4 (Fantasie Impromptu) is by far the hardest one. That song is related to Beethoven Moonlight Sonata 3rd movement. Other than Fantasie Impromptu, the most di (MORE)

What is a impromptu method?

impromptu report is method which is on the spot and the topic is only given on the spot too Impromtu Method. you talk on the spot with no prepared daft, outline, or note card (MORE)

How should i start and end an impromptu speech?

An impromptu speech should be started with a comical anecdote or  small joke in order to make the audience feel at ease. The speech  should end with a reference to the begin (MORE)

What are the characteristics of impromptu speech?

You do not have the script written, so you have to improvise. Impromptu speeches can seem very persuasive, because you can constantly maintain eye contact with your audience, (MORE)