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What is improper disposal?

Biohazardous material much be disposed of in such a manner as to sequester the hazardous material until it can be destroyed in a manner that renders it non-hazardous. Any othe (MORE)

How do you get improper fractions?

Denominator (X) Whole number (+) Numerator placed over originaldenominator. Example: 2 1/3 The 2 is the whole number, the 1 is the numerator, and the 3 is thedenominator. 3 x (MORE)

Does Improper Have Prefix?

The adjective 'improper' does have a prefix, which is the 'im -' part of the word. The word 'improper' consists of: the adjective 'proper' , meaning appropriate, righ (MORE)

What is improper subsets?

A proper subset B of a set A is a set all of whose elements are elements of A nad there are elements of A that are not elements of B. It follows, then, that an improper subset (MORE)
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What is improper form?

improper form is when a mixed number (i.e. 1 2/3, 4 5/8, etc.) is written as a normal fraction (i.e. 1 2/3 improper is 5/3, 4 5/8 improper is 37/8, etc.)
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What is a improper fractions?

An improper fraction is when the numerator is a greater sum then the denominator. Example- 10/5. To change that into a proper fraction you divide the numerator by the denomina (MORE)