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How do you do improper fractions?

Well let's say that you have the mixed number one and a half. The one counts as 2 two's. Then you add the two two's with the other two that made up the half and get three over (MORE)
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What is a improper noun?

An improper noun is an alternate term for a  common noun, a general word for people, places,  and things. The first letter of the noun is not capitalized unless  it is the (MORE)

What is improper hygiene?

Improper hygiene is when a person lacks the ability to maintain cleanliness. Examples are when someone doesnt brush their teeth, or maybe they dont take shower or baths etc.

What is improper farming?

Any method of farming which harms the land. Erosion, contamination, and over-depletion of nutrients are all good examples of improper farming.
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Improper garbage disposal?

Improper garbage disposal can be hazardous to the environment and  peoples health. Local garbage carriers or landfills have certain  days a year when they accept other forms (MORE)

How do you change 1.1 into an improper fraction?

Expressed as an improper fraction in its simplest form, 1.1 is equal to 11/10 or eleven over ten.
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Is it improper to call Islam Mohammedism?

Answer 1   I think that Islam should be called as it is, just as "Islam".  First & foremost because this is the name which the prophet  Muhammad Himself taught & it's the (MORE)