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What is improvation?

Improvation isn't a real word, but it seems to have been used as anamalgam of either Improvement or Improvisation and Innovation.
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How can you improve?

Eat fried chicken Decide what it is that you want to improve and see what it takes to do it. Then do it. Might be one thing or several things that need to be changed or dealt (MORE)

Why planning is improved for productivity improvement?

Planning is a process of setting up of definite goals and objectives to accomplish a project or mission. It is a blueprint of an enterprise that one intends to take on measura (MORE)

How do you answer where can i improve?

you have to have an account for and then you can either go to the rectangle and type in a question and then you can answer it or you can go to the side of the page (MORE)
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What is an improv?

Improv is short for improvised meaning made up on the spot. In music (typically jazz), an improv is a solo that is not written in the music. In comedy, improv is when a (MORE)