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What is an impulse?

It is the change of rate of momentum Impulse is the integral of force over time, it is measured inNewton-seconds. For instance a force of one Newton applied over onesecond w (MORE)

What does impulsive mean?

doing something without thinking     an example would be talking out in class without thinking what you are going to say, it could be stupid so think before you act. To (MORE)

What is impulse?

Impulse is change in momentum. Refer to the related link for more information and equations concerning change in momentum.
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What is missionary impulse?

The missionary impulse was a document signed by congress in 1819  admitting wrongdoing to the native American people. This document  provided them with the same educational (MORE)

Definition of impulse and impulsive force?

An impulse refers to the change in momentum of an object, while an  impulsive force is a relative term, used to refer a relatively  large amount of force applied on a small (MORE)

What does impulsively mean?

adj. 1. Inclined to act on impulse rather than thought. 2. Motivated by or resulting from impulse: such impulsive acts as hugging strangers; impulsive generosity.
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What is a direction of impulse?

impulse is equal to force which is acting on the body and ti me in small interval which is equal to impulse is equal to change in momentum and direction of impulse (MORE)