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What does impurities mean?

Impurity means is a substance that is present in another substance making it of a low qulity.. Means that the substance has some impure (Not pure) articles in it, if water ha ( Full Answer )
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Effect of impurities?

The effect is variable upon the material, the impurities, the concentration of these impurities, the use of the material, etc.
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What are the impurities in water?

This depends on the type of water; examples of impurities are Na, K, Fe, Ca, Cl, Mg, CO 3 2- , O, microorganisms, dust, etc.
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What are suspended impurities?

Water may contain the suspended impurities such as clay,mud,algae,industrial waste,organic matter etc. These remain suspeded in water.they produce turbidity,colour and odour a ( Full Answer )
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What is impure blood?

Impure blood refers to the blood that is poor in oxygen which istaken back to the heart so as to be purified. The lungs are vitalin oxygenating blood which is then pumped into ( Full Answer )
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What is impurity?

basically impurity is that substance which is or are added in elements mostly in semiconductors in order to make it more stabilize as required ...
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What is impure matter?

Imppure matter is a substance which contains a mixture of elements- 1. It does not have fixed melting point, boiling point or density 2. t gives more than one spot whenn analy ( Full Answer )
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What are the impurities in milk?

- insoluble residue on filter - microorganisms - hairs - antibiotics, other drugs and metabolites - added water - somatic cells
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What is impure procedure?

Set of instruction which form a program gets changed during the course of execution by that instruction behave differently is called impure procedure