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What is imputed Employer liability?

  Also known as "vicarious liability."    Under the doctrine of agency (or master and servant), an employer may be liable for actions (or inactions) by employees, i (MORE)

What is an example of Christ's imputed righteousness?

  One Biblical example of what this means is found in Hebrews 7:9-10, which says, "And as I may so say, Levi also, who receiveth tithes, payed tithes in Abraham. For he wa (MORE)

Difference between imputed and implicit cost?

According to the "Bible" for accounting terminology, Barron's Dictionary of Accounting Terms, 5th Edition, they are the same. In fact, when you look up implicit cost, it refer (MORE)

What is imputed income?

  Income that may not be seen as cash, but instead comes in the form of a benefit...sometimes by having another pay an expense...sometimes by having a benefit provided. (MORE)

What is the difference between inputted and imputed?

(inputted) is the adjective for input which is the act of putting in. e.g. I just finished putting a lot of contacts & leads into my salesforce account. (imputed) is to ass (MORE)

What is imputed rent?

Imputed rent...or imputed anything for tax, means implied rather than for example...if your emplyer gives you a place to live as part of your employment...that (MORE)

What is imputed cost in sap?

  Sometimes it is found that in the production process the entreprenure e factors of production which are owned by him. now for these factors of production he is not payin (MORE)

What Is imputed tax?

Imputed tax is when something is assigned a certain value. Other  items are used to establish this value and then you pay taxes based  on that value.

What is imputed sin?

Imputed sin is sin which affects one's standing before God, not  through your own actions. An example would be how we are considered  guilty of sin through Adam's original s (MORE)