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What does in hoc signo vinces mean?

It is actually a Latin Phrase...   In whole it reads:   "In hoc signo vinces".   It is a motto meaning "In this sign you will conquer." And is the motto of the Knight (MORE)

What does the latin phrase in hoc signo vinces mean?

This phrase means "In this sign, you shall conquer". Legend tells us that the Emperor Constantine saw a cross with this insignia before battle.
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What does in hoc signo vinces to knights templar?

Freely translated as With this sign you will conquer (lit. In this sign you will conquer), the words that an angel told the Roman Emperor Constantine, this saying refers to th (MORE)

What is ad hoc query?

  A query is a question you ask a database in the form of a SQL statement. When software developers develop software, they typically define certain queries with the delive (MORE)

What is ad hoc?

  Answer   Ad hoc means "formed, arranged or done for a particular purpose only. From Latin, literally "for this"

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