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What is an eddy?

A whirlpool. An eddy is water that flows opposite from the normal flow of a river. When a river's water level rises, tributaries that point in the opposite direstion of the (MORE)

What does riff raff mean?

Rubbish; Trash  People reguarded as disreputable or worthless  but it was also a character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show played by Richard O'Brien. Best movie ever.
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What songs have guitar riffs?

A lot of songs have guitar riffs, some of them multiple times, and far too many to list. If you want to try findign some, start by searching for metal or heavy rock bands, and (MORE)

How do you search?

There is a blank space in the tool bar at the top or bottom of the computer screen. It may be marked Search or with a small magnifying glass, Yahoo, or Google. If you are look (MORE)
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What is a blues bass riff?

This is a bass riff specific for the blues style of music. There can be different riffs. One I can suggest is as follows (in G major): g:|--------------------- d:|---- (MORE)

What does riff mean in a song?

A riff in a song is usually an instrumental part from the guitar, it's when a guitarist (or bassist) plays the chord up and down the scale as the notes meld with one another. (MORE)

What songs are in the riff off?

The songs that are in the riff-off from the movie "Pitch Perfect", are 1.) Hey Mickey by Toni Basil, 2.) Like a Virgin by Madonna, 3.) Hit me with you best shot by Pat Benater (MORE)