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What are the affixes of inadvertently?

The base word is vert, to turn. The affixes are: in (not, prefix) ad (toward, prefix) ent (-ing, suffix) ly (in such a manner, suffix).
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What is inadvertent doping?

i think inadvertent doping is when someone takes drugs without knowing it . Like if an athlete is eating or drinking something or even taking per scripted medicine and there a ( Full Answer )
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How do you use inadvertent in a sentence?

It was an inadvertent slip of the tongue that got the student in hot water with his teacher.. The inadvertent driver became another victim of the 72-car pile-up..
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What is inadvertant?

inadvertantly means a combination of by accident, unknowingly and suddenly. eg. inadvertantly let slip to phoebe about her surprise party.. inadvertant (although rarely used) ( Full Answer )
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How do you form a sentence with inadvertence?

ex. it was an inadvertence to forget to take the prisoners fingerprints. ex. his inadvertence to lock the door,cost him his tv... meaning like...oversight
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Inadvertant handball in soccer?

If by inadvertent you mean not deliberate, then it is not an offense. The offense is not written in the laws as "hand ball" but as "deliberate handling."
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Where can you find the definition for inadvertent?

The standard definition for inadvertent is not focusing the mind on a matter. However, in common language the word inadvertent typically refers to something that happens accid ( Full Answer )
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What is inadvertent plagiarism?

Inadvertent plagiarism occurs when you accidentally fail to cite orquote the ideas, words, or data of another person.