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What is inadvertent doping?

i think inadvertent doping is when someone takes drugs without knowing it . Like if an athlete is eating or drinking something or even taking per scripted medicine and there a (MORE)

What is inadvertant?

inadvertantly means a combination of by accident, unknowingly and suddenly. eg. inadvertantly let slip to phoebe about her surprise party.. inadvertant (although rarely used) (MORE)

How do you put inadvertently into a sentence?

Inadvertently is an adjective, meaning that in a sentence, it is used to describe a verb (an action). To to something inadvertently is to do something unintentionally. For (MORE)

What is a sentence using the word inadvertent?

The word inadvertent essentially means "by accident." So for example lets say that the clerk at a store gave me too much change. In this case it would be an adverb: "I made a (MORE)
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Does inadvertently mean you did it on purpose or a accident?

It means you did it without meaning to. Merriam-Webster onlinedefines "inadvertent" as "not intended or planned". You might dosomething on purpose that had an unintended effec (MORE)