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How do you use inaudible in a sentence?

Inaudible is an adjective, it means: not able to be heard, whisper Therefore you can use it like this in a sentence... The intercome sounds inaudible, therefore no one ca (MORE)
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How do you use inaudibly in a sentence?

"Tracy padded inaudibly down the stairs so as not to wake her parents." "The steam leaked slowly and almost inaudibly from the pressurized pipe."
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Can inaudible be used in sentence?

She made an inaudible sound begging for help. That TV has an inaudible sound, you can't hear anything.
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What is the opposite of inaudible?

Audible. "inaudible" quite literally means "incapable of being heard"; by stripping the prefix "in-", you get the word "audible", which indeed means "capable of being heard". (MORE)
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What is inaudible and audible sounds?

Inaudible sounds are sounds that you cannot hear. Audible sounds are sounds that you can hear. . Frequencies capable of being heard by humans are called audio or sonic. The r (MORE)
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What is a sentence using the word inaudible?

Although the crowd noise made his words inaudible, his anger was unmistakable. Dogs can hear sounds at frequencies that are inaudible to human ears.
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Why less than 20hz is inaudible?

Because human ear has a limitation of hearing sounds only of such a band of frequencies. we call them as audio frequencies.
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What is inaudible and audible sounds in detail?

Audible sounds - are those that fall within the scope of humanhearing. These are sounds that are typically in the frequency rangeof 50 Hz to 20 kHz. Frequencies below 50 Hz ar (MORE)