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What did the Inca do?

The Incas were the first to use paved roads to carry verbal messages around the Empire. They did a relay type thing. One runner would go as far as he could then pass the messa ( Full Answer )
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What is Inca?

Inca is an anciaent civilization and is located in Cusco. They are kind of like mayans and Aztecs.
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What did the Incas do?

the Incas conquered lots of country and civilization but not the Aztec's. The Incas also invented popcorn and made the most civilised roads for a long time.
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Who were the incas?

The Incas were a pre-Columbian tribe that lived on the Andes mountains and spoke Quechua. The civilization had its capital in Cuzco, Peru. They were an ancient people, but ( Full Answer )
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What is Incas?

A people that lived in South America from 200 before Christ to 1500 after Christ.
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Why did Inca become king of Inca?

He decided that the Inca's needed help, so the Inca King wanted to to rule to help out.
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How did the Incas get there?

From approximately 1450 to 1530, the western coast of South America flourished under a vast Incan Empire. At their height, the Inca were worthy of comparison to the ancient Ro ( Full Answer )
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Who led the Inca to the decline of the Inca?

The Spaniards led to the decline of the Inca civilization. The Spaniards took Atahualpa (ruler at the time,) hostage and killed his brother Huascar. Then they installed a new ( Full Answer )
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What was Inca Hanan and Inca Hurin?

Hanan is upper and Hurin is lower. When something is designated Hanan it means that it is more powerful or more prestigious. ex. so hanan cuzco would be where the Inka and hi ( Full Answer )
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What does the Inca have?

It has Roads, it has bridges, good houses, shelters and stuff like that. Conquering the incas is best, meaning taking over.