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Why doesn't a incandescent light bulb burn?

An inert gas is inserted into the bulb when it is manufactured.  Without oxygen present there is no combustion.
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Can you recycle incandescent light bulbs?

Incandescent bulbs are not practical to recycle. There is not enough recyclable material in an incandescent bulb. Florescent bulbs including the new CFLs must be recycled be (MORE)
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How is light produced in an incandescent light bulb?

An incandescent light bulb has a coil of tungsten wire (called the filament) suspended in an evacuated (of air) glass bulb. Electricity is passed across the filament which, be (MORE)
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What gas and filament is in an incandescent light bulb?

Most common house hold light bulbs are really just evacuated to really low pressures and contain a tungsten filament. the reason being is that tungsten has high resistivity an (MORE)

How is light produced in an ordinary incandescent bulb?

  Electric power is put trough a metallic filament inside a bulb that is filled with an inert gas. the filament is surrounded by the inert gas rather then air to stop the (MORE)

How is an incandescent light bulb different from a fluorescent light bulb?

An incandescent bulb differs from a fluorescent based on how it produces light. "Incandescent" means producing light through heat, this is essentially how an incandescent bulb (MORE)

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