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If FDR knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor then is it not a calculated risk that the Japanese would not conduct a third wave incapacitating the base at Pearl Harbor for use in the Pacific Theatre?

But FDR did not know, that is a historical fact. Claims to the contrary are just lies. Michael Montagne You need evidence to prove he did not know, or to disregard proof tha (MORE)

Which two Presidents were incapacitated for long periods while still in office?

  Answer   James A Garfield was incapacitated for three months after being shot by Charles Giteau. Her then died and was succeeded by Chester Arthur.   This episo (MORE)

The order of succession indicates who will become president if the president dies or becomes incapacitated Rank the following government officials by their place in the order of succession?

Vice President   Speaker of the House   Secretary of the Treasury   Secretary of Agriculture  or  Vice President  Speaker of the House  Secretary of State  At (MORE)

What are the Proper ways of dealing with mentally-incapacitated individuals?

1. Foster closer relationship 2. Immunization against diseases 3. Engage in leadership and skills training 4. Share home with children who are abused, unwanted, abandoned, an (MORE)

What is mentally incapacitated?

If someone is incapacitated, it means that they are disabled or being held back in some way. Mentally incapacitated, therefore, means that someone can't think properly or ther (MORE)