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If the president is incapacitated who becomes the president?

The vice president can serve as the president in this case. Amendment 25 specifies procedures to be followed if the president says he is unable to serve and voluntarily yields (MORE)
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Who can act if an Executor becomes incapacitated?

If there are no reserve executors one or more of the residuary beneficiaries can act (if they are adult). In the United States Generally, The executor must file a resign (MORE)

How do you incapacitate a race horse?

I'm not sure what you mean by incapacitate. If he won't hold still for the vet he can be sedated. But this is used only when he needs medical help and needs to remain quiet. T (MORE)

What is mentally incapacitated?

If someone is incapacitated, it means that they are disabled or being held back in some way. Mentally incapacitated, therefore, means that someone can't think properly or ther (MORE)

What is collective incapacitation?

"Collective incapacitation refers to preventing crimes in society at large through traditional forms of prison sentencing, which mostly emphasize the seriousness of the curren (MORE)
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What does incapacitated mean?

The term 'incapacitated' means to be deprived of the power needed to perform bodily functions. It means to be disabled, differently abled, impaired, or broken-down.