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What do you do if you've been saving money to get married and you found out your mate feels guilty over an incest relationship with his alcoholic mother and he's been paying her large sums of money?

Answer . First off you have to calm down. Tell your boyfriend you need a week of breathing space. I find it odd that you wouldn't be suspicious re his behavior regarding ( Full Answer )
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What is incestous marriage?

Depending on local and state law, it is a marriage to a blood relative that is a cousin or closer. Some states allow marriage between first cousins, but the Federal Govt still ( Full Answer )
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What is the meaning of incestous?

Incestuous generally refers to a sexual relationship between blood/close relatives that is generally illegal in the jurisdiction where it occurs.
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Why does Hamlet dwell on the incestous sheets?

Gertrude and Claudius were in-laws before the murder of King Hamlet. When they married afterwards, it was considered incest. Hamlet was upset by his mother's speedy marriage ( Full Answer )