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What is an inclined plane?

An inclined plane is a simple machine , consisting of asloping surface, whose purpose is to reduce the force that must be"directly" applied to raise a load. Note that the for (MORE)

What is a incline plane?

it is like a ramp and its purpose is to get something say a rock from a low places to high places so you don't have to use so much forces at ounce in stead just gradually use (MORE)

What is the function of inclination joint of the microscope?

The inclination joint of the microscope facilitate the draw tube having objective and eye pieces to adjust according to the angle of the viewer of the microscope.
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What does a inclined plane do?

The purpose of an inclined plane is to be able to get up stairs and  steps without having to step up onto them. It sits over the steps  and provides a smooth angled surface (MORE)
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What is the uses of inclined plane?

an inclined plane is like a ramp. here are some examples of incline planes - sink - screw ( incline plane is wrapped around it ) - stairs in other words it helps an object get (MORE)
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Examples of inclined planes?

It can be ramps, stair rails, path up hills, slides,slanted roads,stairs.........go on google.......there will be really helpful things.
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Is isoquant always positively inclined?

Following are the properties of Isoquant Curves, 1. Convex to the origin. 2. Slopes downward to the right. 3. Never parallel to the x-axis or y-axis. 4. Never horizontal to (MORE)