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What is a incline plane?

it is like a ramp and its purpose is to get something say a rock from a low places to high places so you don't have to use so much forces at ounce in stead just gradually use (MORE)
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What does an inclined do?

the wheel and axle is a simple machine made from two circular objects and are different sizes that are attached and rotate together and it is a lever that can rotate to 360 (MORE)

Inclination of the earth?

The Inclination, not to be confused with the 23 degree 'axial tilt' of the earth, describes the orbital plane of the earth. All of the planets orbits are irregular. Although r (MORE)

What is the inclination of Venus?

The inclination of Venus is about 3.4 degrees from the ecliptic plane. But its axial tilt (relative to its orbital plane) is much smaller, about 2.64 degrees. This would only (MORE)

What does an inclined plane not do for you?

An inclined plane does not decrease the amount of energy I need to put into raising a load. Similarly, it does not make my coffee, shine my shoes, wax my car, prepare my d (MORE)

What does Inclined Plane do?

An inclined plane allows an object to be lifted through a vertical distance using less force than is required to lift the object straight up. The shallower the angle of the in (MORE)
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What is a inclined pane?

it is a sloping ramp up which heavy loads can be raised by ropes orchains like walking up a huge hill