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What is a sentence for inconsiderable?

The air friction on a falling rock is inconsiderable for short drops, but establishes a maximum velocity on a longer descent. The candidates of fringe parties normally have (MORE)
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Why are people inconsiderate?

Because they just dont think of something that you think they should or just being lazy. Or they dont care. Because so many people are not that smart
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Use the word inconsiderate in a sentence?

That was inconsiderate. How can you be so inconsiderate. I thought it was so inconsiderate as to be downright rude. I'll try not to be so inconsiderate in the future.
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What is the meaning of inconsiderate text?

the meaning of an inconsiderate text is when one person says something that either A. something bad happened to them or about them or: B. that they are sad and the other pers (MORE)

What are the syllables for inconsiderate?

There are five syllables in the word inconsiderate. The syllables are divided like so: in-con-sid-e-rate.
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