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Why does your pulse increase as your exercise increases?

Because you body is working at a faster rate, so the demand for oxygen is increased. So your heart has to pump faster to get more oxygenated blood to circlulate your body (mor (MORE)

Does increase in appetite increase your metabolism?

Often. it only increases your metabolism enough to digest the added calories. But, it could very well increase your weight! Not appetite increase your metabolism if you are (MORE)
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Why does radiation increase when you increase altitude?

  There is a direct correlation in as much that the atmosphere absorbs some radiation but it's not as straight forward as that. Firstly the term radiation is not specific (MORE)
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How to increase?

You can harness the natural power of neuroplasticity to increase  your cognitive abilities, enhance your ability to learn new  information.
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Why does increasing data increase accuracy?

This only applies for independent and identically distributed (iid) variables - or ones that are approximately so, and is the result of the Central Limit Theorem of statistics (MORE)