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If speed increases does acceleration increase?

not necessarily. on earth for example there is a constant acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2. if you drop an object off a building its speed will increase but the acceleration acting o (MORE)
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Vicosity increases as temperature increases?

"Viscosity" is basically a resistance to flow. Viscosity is inversly proportional to Temperature. For example, high viscous heavy fuel is heated to right temperature to lower (MORE)

Why does temperature increase when pressure increases?

This phenomenon is covered under Charles' Law . Basically, if a gas is contained in a fixed volume, as it IS a gas, there's a fair amout of movement of the gas moelcules. If (MORE)

Does increase in appetite increase your metabolism?

Often. it only increases your metabolism enough to digest the added calories. But, it could very well increase your weight! Not appetite increase your metabolism if you are (MORE)
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If mass increases does weight increase?

Weight is a function of the gravitational interaction between objects. If two objects are interacting (i.e. a person and the earth) and either the mass of the earth or the mas (MORE)
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How to increase?

You can harness the natural power of neuroplasticity to increaseyour cognitive abilities, enhance your ability to learn newinformation.