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Who was Kari McKeen in The Incredibles?

"Kari McKeen" is a friend of the Parr's. Violet asks her to baby-sit Jack-Jack so that Violet and Dash can stow away on their mom's trip to find Mr. Incredible. She is voiced (MORE)
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What superpowers does the incredibles have?

Violet- She go be instantly invisible and can generate protective force fields. Dash- Super Speed Jack-Jack- Shape Shifting, levitation, super strength, walks through walls. M (MORE)

How much is johns incredible pizza?

Through out the week from 11-3, the price for adults is $6.99 plus tax for evenings and weekends it is $9.49 plus tax. For seniors their is a one dollar discount on both pri (MORE)

How strong is the incredible hulk?

he can lift over 3000tons and he can leap over 3 miles in a single jump ------------------------------------------- Wrong. Hulk has lifted a mountain weighing 150 billion tons (MORE)
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How fast can the incredible hulk run?

Hulk can't run. His legs are too strong, he destroys the ground. But if you put him on unbreakable surface his speed would be limitless because he gets stronger the madder he (MORE)
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What powerdoes Mr Incredible has in Incredibles?

The power that the dad has is that he is strong. The power that the mom has is that she can stretch her body. The power that the boy or brother has is that he can run fast (MORE)