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What rhymes with incredible?

able actual aerial agile aisle amble ample anal angel angle ankle annual annul anvil apple April artful aural austral awful axal axil axle babble babel baffle bagel baleful ba (MORE)

What is the opposite of incredibly?

The opposite would be believably or credibly. However, the adverb is often used to mean unexpectedly , where the opposite would be obviously or as expected .
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What powerdoes Mr Incredible has in Incredibles?

The power that the dad has is that he is strong. The power that the mom has is that she can stretch her body. The power that the boy or brother has is that he can run fast (MORE)
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What is the opposite of incredible?

incredible-beyond belief opposite would be credible or believable incredible-marvelous opposite would be mundane or dull
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What superpowers did the incredibles have?

Bob (Mr Incredible) was Strong, Helen (Mrs Incredible/Elastagirl)was Strechy, Violet was Invisable, Dash was a fast runner, and JackJack was Fire, i believe.