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Did Independence day end slavery?

  No. Independence Day has nothing to do with the abolishment of slavery. Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery because blacks helped the Union win the Civil War. Independence (MORE)

Who started Independence Day?

Independence Day has been celebrated by the American people since July 4, 1776, with the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and the Crown. No one in (MORE)

Why do you celebrate independence day in the Philippines?

We celebrate the Independence day in honor of our beloved country after being liberated from the Spaniards. It occurs once a year to remember the noble cause which most of the (MORE)

What day was the Declaration of Independence approved?

It was adopted on July 2, 1776 after the Continental Congress made many changes in Jefferson's original draft. Once it was in acceptable form, it was verbally read into the jo (MORE)

What day is Independence Day for Mongolia?

Mongolia has two Independence day celebrations. In 1920 the Russians invaded Mongolia and liberated them from occupation by the newly formed Republic of China. To eliminate (MORE)

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When is the American Independence Day?

July 4th The Declaration of Independence was actually sent by the colonist on July 2, but everyone heard the news that it got accepted on July 4 so now we all celebrate this (MORE)

What is the importance of Independence Day?

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