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Who founded the American Indian movement?

  Clyde Bellecourt (apex)  /     LeoNard Peltier was part of AIM and was not the founder of the  American Indian Movement. The name of the AIM (American Indian (MORE)

Were the Basque people American Indians?

Definitely not. Although the Basque people are not classed as Indo-European, they are indigenous to the areas of France and Spain they occupy today - in other words they are t (MORE)

How did the North Indian Americans get the name - Indians?

When Columbus sailed West instead of down South in order to find a quicker route to Asia, he accidentally found new land (the New World). However, Columbus was unaware of this (MORE)

What race are American Indians?

First we have to define the concept of "race": means each of the  groups that are subdivided in zoological species whose differential  characters are perpetuated by heredity (MORE)

What were the goals of treaties with American Indians?

\n Representatives of the federal government of the United States had many different goals in mind when they negotiated treaties with the American Indians. The goals were lar (MORE)

Are Mexican Indians considered American Indians?

Yes, although they are considered to be Native Indians of Mexico, the term America refers to North and South American and all indigenous peoples of the hemisphere. The term 'A (MORE)

How do you say my name in American Indian?

There is no language called "American Indian". There are 296 spoken (or formerly spoken) indigenous languages north of Mexico, 269 of which are grouped into 29 families (the r (MORE)

How do you know about the native American Indians?

If you mean historically, the best sources are those written at the time by people who were there. Many Europeans (and later Americans and Canadians) were interested in the na (MORE)

How did American Indians use canoe?

Well, they propelled them using paddles. As for what they used them FOR, it was usually either just as a means of transport to get across a body of water, or for fishing- some (MORE)