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Did the first American Indians have cows?

No. The only "cattle" related species the first Native Americans  came into contact with--and tried to domesticate but failed  miserably, or so some anecdotal evidence may s (MORE)

What did North American Indians eat?

The North Americans ate fish, buffalo, deer, birds and rabbits. Meat could be cooked fresh or smoked, dried and stored for long journeys. They also ate berries and fruit like (MORE)

How did the North Indian Americans get the name - Indians?

When Columbus sailed West instead of down South in order to find a quicker route to Asia, he accidentally found new land (the New World). However, Columbus was unaware of this (MORE)

How do you register as a Native or American Indian?

  One has to be able to prove their native bloodline with an approved paper trail, and apply to their respective tribe (assuming the rolls are open to new members). Recent (MORE)

How do you enroll as Native American Indian?

You can go to the website for Bureau Indian Affairs. You can look in your own state to see Intertribal Native Enrollment Agency. You do need to look up your ancestry.No on (MORE)

Are Mexican Indians considered American Indians?

Yes, although they are considered to be Native Indians of Mexico, the term America refers to North and South American and all indigenous peoples of the hemisphere. The term 'A (MORE)

Did american indians believe in god?

The Americas had many different Indian tribes each with its own traditions and beliefs. It is wrong to lump them together as one. However a Cherokee Indian Medicine Woman told (MORE)