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Is Indian English considered standard English?

Yes. There are at least six varieties of Standard English: American, Australian, Canadian, English, Indian and Scottish. To say its only the accent which makes it Indian Eng (MORE)

How does Indian English is differ from western English?

A number of distinct dialects of English are spoken in South Asia. There are many languages spoken in South Asia like Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pashto, Marathi, A (MORE)

What is the difference between diaspora Indian writing in English and Indian writing in English?

Answer   When an Indian who has lived outside India for a reasonable period of time writes, it is the former. When an Indian living in India writes in English it is the l (MORE)

What is an English-sounding Indian name for a boy?

  Do you mean India Indian, or Native American Indian?   Either way I'll list some, that I think anyway.   India/Indian:   BIJAY Bengali form of VIJAY   DEV (MORE)
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How good are Indian people in speaking English?

This depends on the people, where they live and if they ever learnt English. It is the same as saying how good are English people speaking Hindi. It is purely based on if the (MORE)