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What is inking?

  "Inking" is the stage of the comic-making process where an artist goes over the initial pencil drawings with ink, helping to make lines bolder and filling certain areas (MORE)

Is Indian Ink safe for tattooing?

I wouldn't recommend using Indian ink. Tattoo ink is FDA approve for use in the skin. You can buy this from many companies who sell tattoo supplies. I would recommend that you (MORE)
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Is waterproof ink the same as Indian ink?

  If you mean India ink, the answer is no. India ink in made with carbon black and is not inherently waterproof. It must be made waterproof the same way other inks are mad (MORE)

What is ink?

   Inks are found in almost every aspect of human activity. We read newspapers, magazines, and books on a daily basis. We post lists on our refrigerators, jot things dow (MORE)

Can you use sepia ink instead of Indian ink for tattoo's?

You should not use Indian ink or sepia ink or any other form of drawing ink for a tattoo. Tattoo pigments are made to be used for just that, tattooing. Any reputable tattooist (MORE)

Where was Indian ink made?

Chinese are known to be the first people to use and invent ink. Ink was invented by the Chinese in the 18th Century BC. The first known ink that was used in China was from n (MORE)

Where can you buy Indian ink for tattoos?

I advise against using India Ink. You will thank me for it later. I have answered this question before in depth, but I will do so again for you. India Ink is made of non-tox (MORE)

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