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What was president Jackson's role in shaping US Indian policy?

Unfortunately, Andrew Jackson played a major part in shaping the  United State's Native American policy. Jackson fought Native  Americans and brokered treaties with them tha (MORE)

Basic principles and objectives of Indian foreign policy?

the basic principles of the Indian foreign policy are as follows:- 1)non-alignment movement-the term non-alignment as coined by pt.jawaharlal nehru of India. non-alignment me (MORE)

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What was the American Indian policy review commission in 1975?

The American Indian Policy Review Commission of 1975 looked at the history between the Federal Government and the Native Americans, in order to improve future policy, 5 of the (MORE)

What prompted the US gov to begin an Indian removal policy?

  Vast differences existed between the European (and thus American) views on land and the first nation's (or the people's) outlook.  If you studied any history of Europe, (MORE)