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What are the division 1 basketball schools in Indiana?

Division 1 A Notre Dame University Indiana University-Purdue University of Fort Wayne Valparaiso University Purdue University Ball State University Butler Universit (MORE)

What are the uses of limestone?

Limestone Uses:   Used as aggregate or base for roads and foundations.Used in the purification of molten glass.Used to remove impurities from molten iron.Used as filler and (MORE)
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How are limestones made?

'The hard shells of living things produce some kinds of limestone. How dopes limestone form? Limestone forms in the ocean, many living things, including coral, clams, oysters (MORE)
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Where is limestone found?

Answer On continental crust, limestone is found virtually anywhere an ancient sea existed. The limestone could be exposed at the surface due to erosion or roadcuts, or could (MORE)
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Texture of limestone?

Limestone is closely related to CaCO3 (calcium carbonate). As with most carbonates it is quite crystalline and a very chalky texture. Therefore limestone is fine grained and c (MORE)
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What is the color of limestone?

Limestone is usually white, but may be colored by impurities, iron oxide, making it brown, yellow, or red and carbon making it blue, black, and gray.
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Is a limestone mafic?

No. The terms mafic and felsic apply to igneous rocks. Limestone is  a sedimentary/biochemical rock and so cannot be said to be mafic,  felsic, or intermediate.
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Is limestone eatable?

Yes and No. It would not be a good idea to try eating limestone  rock. However, limestone is made of Calcium Carbonate and this  chemical (particularly the Calcium it contai (MORE)

What is the definition of limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed largely of the minerals  calcite and aragonite, which are different crystal forms of calcium  carbonate. Most limestone is composed (MORE)