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What are indictments?

  An "indictment" is a document issued by a grand jury charging one or more persons with the commission of a criminal offense. In most states, a matter involving a "capita (MORE)

What is an indictment?

It is a formal charge, or accusation, against a person. An indictment is the charging instrument the state uses to accuse an individual of a crime. It must allege that the d (MORE)

What is a unsealed indictment?

Generally speaking all indictments from a Grand Jury are handed down "unsealed." It is usually only in exceptional cases (e.g.: multiple defendants for instance) where the in (MORE)

How can you indict on a conspiracy?

If the evidence presented to the Grand Jury by the Prosecutor's Office supports the allegation that more than one person was involved in carrying out a criminal offense, then (MORE)

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What is the offence?

of·fense  əˈfens/  noun  noun: offence     1.    a breach of a law or rule; an illegal act.  "neither offense violates any federal law"      syno (MORE)