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What is the West Indies?

West Indies An archipelago between southeast North America and northern South America, separating the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean and including the Greater Antill ( Full Answer )
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Are you indie?

Hrm.... I think so... I like indie music.. and wear thrift threads... which is stereotypically indie... so... Yes. I believe I am an indie child.
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Who is indi?

Indie rock is a genre of alternative rock that primarily exists in the independent underground music scene. . Indy is a shortened reference to the Indianapolis 500. . Indi i ( Full Answer )
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How are you in indie?

Indie is not who you are, It is a form of music/film. Indie music is a form of music produced by Indipendent Recording Companies, All Indie music does not fit into one genre i ( Full Answer )
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Who is the indies?

There are two 'Indies'. The West Indies (Caribbean) and the East Indies (South and Southeast Aisa).
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How do you get an indie haircut?

You cant, an indie haircut on an non-indie person isnt an indie hair cut, indie haircuts make people jelous but they dont stand out as the lone feature of that person. Getting ( Full Answer )
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How do you define indie?

Being an individual is the true meaning. But indie people are big on clothes and also they dont give a s--- about how they dress. They often wear what is big in fashion right ( Full Answer )
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What is an indie chick?

A girl which likes indie music (my kind of girl) :) She would dress in the indie fashion of the day but this varies a lot. Kind of like a toned down rocker chick :)
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Are You Me At Six indie?

No, they've signed to multiple labels, and are considered alternative rock, or pop punk sometimes.