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What is indie rock?

Answer   Many people tend to think indie rock is a style of music when in fact it just means that the band is with an independent (indie) music publisher and not with the (MORE)
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How did the West Indies get their name?

When Christopher Columbus went on his journey to look for a better route to India, we of course knew by now that he didn't find India but the Carribean. So in honor of that th (MORE)

What is an Indy car?

An Indy Car is a open-wheel, single seat, open cockpit with ground effects underbody and wings front and rear. Weight is 1,565 pounds minimum for ovals and 1,630 pounds minim (MORE)
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What is the West Indies?

  West Indies An archipelago between southeast North America and northern South America, separating the Caribbean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean and including the Greater An (MORE)

What is an indie drama?

An indie drama is a film in the drama genre that is made outside of the Hollywood studios, these are; Time Warner, Viacom, The Walt Disney Company, Sony, General Electric and (MORE)

What is an indie kid?

Indie- Independent  Indie Kid refers to the type of person (not necessarily a Kid) who follows the 'Independent' music scene. They therefore tend to act and dress accordingly (MORE)
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What is indie comedy?

These are films produced by independent film makers and they are often (though not always) low budget films.

Why are triangles indie?

Because the original Indies were from the Bermuda Triangle. This is where the practice of growing your hair long and dying the ends comes from; they dyed the ends of their hai (MORE)

Is paramore indie?

According to Wikipedia they are an Alternative rock, emo, pop punk band. Though from being a fan for 3 years, and listening to all of their albums I would venture to say they (MORE)