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What is Zone of indifference?

Zone of Indifference refers to the study conducted by a Famous Philosophical mangament guru Chester Barnard who said organisations could function on such a unique concept of a (MORE)

What is indifference?

Lack of interest, care, or concern; lack of importance or significance; unimportance; insignificance; meaninglessness; irrelevance; it does not make any difference
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What is drug indifference?

Drug Indifference: A situation that arises when you combine 2 drugs, and the combination of the two will not yield a result greater than the concentration and effectiveness of (MORE)

What is a synonym for indifferent?

aloof, apathetic, blasé, callous, cold, cool, detached, diffident, disinterested, dispassionate, distant, equitable, haughty, heartless, heedless, highbrow, impartial, impe (MORE)
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What is deliberate indifference?

When a correctional officer of a penal facility knows of and disregards an excessive risk to an inmate's health or safety.

What is indifference schedule?

Economics Indiffrence schedule An indifference schedule refers to a table showing diffrent combination of two commodities which yield equal satisfaction . A consumer therefore (MORE)
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What do indifference mean?

lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.. "she shrugged, feigning indifference". synonyms:. lack of concern, unconcern, disinterest, lack ofinterest, lack of enthusiasm, apa (MORE)