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What is Indium used for?

indium is used to make thin film coatings which are used to make electronic devices as liquid crystal displays (LCDs). . thin film coatings which are used to make such e ( Full Answer )
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How is indium used?

ITO, a mixture of indium oxide In 2 O 3 (90 %) and SnO 2 (10 %) is largely used for displays coatings being transparent and electrically conductive. Also used in solar cells ( Full Answer )
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What are the uses of Indium?

Question, Does it have any benefits to human, ie use to body builders and general health.? You find it in India
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What has indium?

Indium is used in everyday thingss to. Mirrors have indium in it too well anything that has a reflection in it has indium.
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Where was indium discovered?

well, i think the element of indium was discovered in the earth's crust. . Also, i think that maybe nobody didin't discovered it because here is not the answer,but if you g ( Full Answer )
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How reactive is indium?

It is as reactive as indium. Just kidding, it is reactive. Hoe reactive, more reactive than silver, but not as reactive as tin.
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How is indium extracted?

Indium is a very rare and soft metal discovered in 1863. It isextracted during the processing of zinc, coming out of the solutionindium zinc oxide.
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Is indium flammable?

Solid indium metal is not flammable or combustible and will not burn. However, finely-divided indium metal dust or powder may be flammable or explosive when dispersed in the a ( Full Answer )
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Who found indium?

Indium was discovered in Germany in 1863 by Ferdinand Reich and Theodore Richter, who later isolated the metal. (Source: Webelements)
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What does the Indium Corporation do?

Indium Corporation supplies soldering materials to electronics, semiconductor, solar and thin film markets. They develop and manufacture materials used in the electronics ass ( Full Answer )