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What is individual differences?

Individual differences are the variations and differences that each  person has and how they think and behave. These are what makes each  individual different and they vary (MORE)

What is Cooperative Individualism?

It was Herbert Hoover's idea to encourage manufacturers and distributors to form their own trade associations, which would voluntarily share information with the government.
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What are individual sports?

The most popular sports in the United States are team sports: American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey. There are also sports that have both team and individual (MORE)

Is individual a pronoun?

Nope. The pronouns are I, You, He/She/It, We, and They. It's to replace a noun. An individual can replace a noun, but a pronoun can replace individual. For example, let's say (MORE)
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How is individualism defined?

Individualism is a doctrine that the interest of an individual must be protected and preserved. Individualist believe that their rights must not be infringed, and that they mu (MORE)

Can culture be individualized?

No. A culture is what groups of people do, and how they form various traditions, celebrations, and practices. A culture is the foundation of what a person becomes and what the (MORE)