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Why is individualism important?

Individualism is important because it helps a person understand  their strength and weaknesses. When a person knows who they are,  they know what they are capable of doing i (MORE)
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What is liberal individualism?

Liberal individualism is the belief that an individual should be recognized by what makes them, and them only unique or different from the rest of the population. The belief t (MORE)

What are the individual stunts?

The individual stunts are the wicket walk, the log roll, the heel click, the jump stick, the hold arm balance and the lift and up.

What is individual behavior?

Individual behavior refers to how individual behaves at work place , his behavior is influenced by his attitude,personality,perception, learning and motivating. This also refe (MORE)

What is an individuated character?

A character with their own unique personality and history is an  individuated character. individuation means becoming a person with  a completely integrated personality.

What is individual supply?

Individual supply refers to the curve of supplies of a standalone  business. It is typically shown in a graph depicting the  relationship between the amount sold and the pri (MORE)

What is individual ethics?

Individual ethics are standards a person places on themselves. Some  call this their personal code. These are standards the person  follows in addition to the standards that (MORE)

What is individual worth?

individual worth is important and should be regarded as equal.  However, there are circumstances that make some people worth more  than others because they have done special (MORE)