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What is an individual?

Answer . a person who is different... e.g red hair and blonde hair they are different!. people who are brave, and outsanding to other people.... have their own style... t (MORE)

What is individuality?

Individuality is in every person. Having the ability to make yourown decision and choices comes under this as well. For example: John and 50 others go to a house party the ni (MORE)

What is individualism?

Individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy or social outlook that stresses independence and self-reliance. In political philosophy, the individualist theory of go (MORE)

Are you an individual?

Yes, I am an individual.. Everyone is an individual. If we didn't have individuals, nobody would be asking or answering questions like this, here.

Do individuals evolve?

no, evolution is a slow and long-term process that alters characteristics of a species or subspecies to increase their fitness within their environment.

Does individuality exist?

You must be a velyr (see my website). Individuality does exist. Every living thing has some sort of unique feature that distinguish it from other living things. There are some (MORE)

What was Individualism?

The definition of individualism is a belief that the needs of eachperson are more important than the needs of the entire group orsociety. It is when a person does something wi (MORE)